42nd Annual

2016 Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Classic Results


Heat 1 – Social Security (Men 62+)

  1. Robert Wagner
  2. Jeff Williams
  3. Tim Covell

Heat 2 – Oldtimers (Men 50-61)

  1. Kevin Gallagher
  2. Brian Voke
  3. Ken Collings

Heat 3 – Corporate Office Types (Men 40-49)

  1. George Anderson
  2. Brendan McCray
  3. Kris Brown

Heat 4 – Bitties and Cougars (Women 21+)

  1. Katie Driscoll
  2. Cory Wagner
  3. Eve Shafman

Heat 5 – Old Guards (Retired Lifeguards)

  1. Luke Nowak
  2. Marc Griffin
  3. Lenette Letudle

Heat 6 – Yuppies

  1. Andrew Jacob
  2. Ian Drake
  3. Steve Gonzales

Heat 7 – Puppies

  1. Johnny Beneverto
  2. Cole Berash
  3. Greg Serrad

Heat 8 – Women Lifeguards

  1. Kat Nowak
  2. Lizzie Aldrick
  3. Danielle Voke

Heat 9 –  Men Lifeguards

  1. Keith McFarland
  2. Adam Doherty
  3. Kevin Kelly

Heat 10 – Team Fat

1st Place – All of Team Fat
Last Place – Justin Kirchoff

Heat 11 – Team Pump (Pump House Surf Shop)

  1. Marky Lessard (Best Pump House Mustache Ride)
  2. Emma Warren (Best Pump House Tan Lines)
  3. Sarah Kimball ( Pump House Rookie of the Year)

Rookie of the Year


From the cheers this “Kid” got he must have paddled like a madman.
If PacMan wants to reveal his true identity let us know.

Chicken of the Sea

Rick Weeks

For those of you that don’t know Rick this is really a funny trophy for him to receive. Rick is the legendary Cape Cod surfer that never misses a swell no matter how big or how cold it is. If we had a SUP heat he would dominate it every year.

Honorary Oldtimers

Arthur Figur and Julian Nemetz

These guys showed up on the Cape in the early 70’s with longboards and Speedos and dominated some of the original Oldtimers contests. At the time they were probably in their 40’s but to us young guys at Jasper’s Surf Shop they were Oldtimers. We couldn’t believe these “Old Guys” could still surf. There were just a few of the Cape Cod surfers that never got overtaken by the short board craze. They remained true to their longboard roots. Both Arthur and Julian are no longer with us but like Arthur’s daughter Amy said, “Wherever they are you can bet they are surfing.”

Oldtimer of the Year

Jim Papadonis

The name “Papadonis” seems to be on every heat sheet at the Cape Cod Oldtimers. Jim promotes the Oldtimers contest probably more than we do. It must be mandatory that anyone with the name “Papadonis” has to surf in the contest or change their name.

Sparky Merrill Best Old Board

Brian Shaffer

Brian surfed this years contest on the same G&S Hot Curl that won the 1979 Oldtimers Contest Senior Division. There is more to this story that needs to be told so if anyone has that info pass it along.