2014 Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Classic Results

Remember, if you did not get your trophy you can pick it up at the Pump House. And make sure you get your picture taken.


Bitties (Women 21+)

  1. Samantha Szatek
  2. Julie Crowley
  3. Katherine Driscoll

Puppies (Men 21-29)

  1. Curtis Grilli
  2. Keegan Rice
  3. Charlie Frodigh

Yuppies (Men 30-39)

  1. John Gotta
  2. Mike Mei
  3. Jim Gruczka

Corporate Office Types (Men 40-49)

  1. Jeff Sullivan
  2. Matt Richards
  3. Brendan McCray

Oldtimers (Men 50-61)

  1. Ken Collings
  2. Gordy Iler
  3. Brick Bote

Social Security (Men 62+)

  1. Rob Cronk
  2. Jeffrey Williams
  3. Chick Frodigh

Combined Men and Women Lifeguards

  1. Elizabeth Aldrich
  2. John Wallace
  3. Chris “Biggie” Randell

Rookie of the Year


Chicken of the Sea

Sara Pamarini

Oldtimer of the Year

Dan Cowley (first time surfing in 40 years)

Sparky Merrill Best Old Board Award

Tom Papadonis with his Orange Hobie

Team Fat

  1. The Whole Team

Last Place – The Kook