Congratulations 2013 Winners

Please let us know if your name is spelled wrong. The judges are still using the invented spelling technique.
Missing from the photos are Steve Sumerai and Ryan Parch. You can pick up your trophy at the Pump House. Don’t forget to get your picture taken with your trophy.

Bitties(Women 21+)

  1. Sue Glidden
  2. Cassie Papadonis
  3. Karen Wolf


Puppies (Men 21-29)

  1. Ronald Keefe
  2. Curtis Grilli
  3. Matt Zall

Yuppies (Men 30-39)

  1. Andrew Jacob
  2. Ian Drake
  3. Ryan Parch

Corporate Office Types (40-49)

  1. Tom Beecher
  2. Rob Knight
  3. Jeff Moore


Oldtimers ( Men 50-61)

  1. Ken Merrill
  2. Steve Sumerai
  3. Dave Covell


Social Security (Men 62+)

  1. Jeff Williams
  2. Bill “Sully” Sullivan
  3. Rob Cronk


Women’s Lifeguards

  1. Carly Traub
  2. Sophia Prokop
  3. Linda Fogel


Men’s Lifeguards

  1. Keith McFarland
  2. Billy Blake
  3. Scott Hansson


Old Lifeguards

  1. Lee Anderson
  2. Pete Pratt
  3. John Roache


Team Fat

  1. Justin Kirchoff


Rookie of the Year

1st time Nauset Guard (coached by Oldtimer Kristen Cervolli)
Can someone please identify her for the record

Chicken of the Sea

Malcolm  MacPherson


Oldtimer of the Year


Can someone let Ricko know that he won “Oldtimer of the Year”?
He must have left to catch the Early Bird Specials somewhere.


Sparky Merrill Award  –  Best Vintage Board

Whoever had the awesome G&S you and your board have won the Sparky Merrill Award.
You left before we got your name so please get in touch with us.