We did it! (“We” meaning everyone.)

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for the contest. The mung was in heavy which kept the sharks away. The seals stayed outside to distract any sharks that may have been in the area. And spectators and surfers were stoked just to be there.

The Puppies had the toughest conditions. What little wind swell there was it was slamming right on the beach. To make things more interesting they were required to have a paddle race around the lifeguard training buoy anchored about 100 yards out. That was the extent of the paddles races since anyone older refused to paddle out that far. We heard grumblings that had something to do with sharks so did not push it any further.

As the tide dropped the waves actually started shaping up into some ride-able surf. There were some spectacular  displays of skill and endurance as everyone tried to get the heat winning ride.

Team Fat did not ride the heaviest wave this year but they did a pretty good job of packing down the sand in front of the judges stand. I’m sure there are a few new compression dings in the decks of the boards they rode too.

The Women Life Guards stole the show with their coordinated outfits and enthusiasm for competition. None of the judges had the nerve to ask them what the Guard Patches were guarding.

As usual Edward kept the crowd informed with is knowledge of surfing and his colorful descriptions of both the competitors and some of the onlookers. The judging was as organized as ever. Lets leave it at that.

Awards were given out at the top of the dune following the contest. The large crowd that remained cheered for everyone that receive an award.

We have to admit that it was one of the largest crowds we have seen in years. Let’s keep the tradition going so future generations can see how much fun surfing can be.

Thank you to all for helping us have a fun and successful Oldtimers Contest. Special thanks goes out to the Pump House Surf Shop for all of the help with sign-ups and t-shirt distribution. Stop by and give them a big hug for all of their work.

Lets do it again next year!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Classic

Photos will be uploaded this evening. 

Bitties  (Women 21+)

  1. Katherine Driscoll
  2. Nancy Gere
  3. Cassie Papadonis


Puppies(Men 21-29)

  1. Alex Papadonis
  2. Chris Druell
  3. Chace Ashley


Yuppies(Men 30-39)

  1. Ian Drake
  2. Mike Mei
  3. Thor Baum


Corporate Office Types (40-49)

  1. Brendan McCray
  2. Jim Kuhns
  3. Howard Moshier


Oldtimers ( Men 50-61)

  1. Judge Jones
  2. Ken Merrill
  3. Ken Collings


Social Security(Men 62+)

  1. Carl Breivogel
  2. Willy Wipeout
  3. John  M. Driscoll


Women’s Lifeguards

  1. Jazmin Ment
  2. Emma Doyski
  3. Dana Ayers



Men’s Lifeguards

  1. Keith McFarland
  2. Billy Blake
  3. Wesley Moseman


Old Lifeguards

  1. Luke Nowack
  2. Pete Pratt
  3. Mickey Burns


Team Fat

  1. Everyone on Team Fat had to come in first or they wouldn’t talk to each other anymore.


Rookie of the Year

Katie Aldredge

Chicken of the Sea

Bobby “O” (His new hobby is photography)


Oldtimer of the Year

Patty Pike Greene (Women’s Lifeguard Mentor)


Sparky Merrill Award  –  Best Vintage Board

Grace Archambeau surfing on a North Shore Stepped Deck Pintail.