Congratulations to the Winners of the 2011 Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Classic


2011 Oldtimers Results

2011 1st Place Biddie Winner Kathrine Driscoll with Mike Houghton

Bitties  (Women 21+)
  1. Kathrine Driscoll
  2. Nancy Gere
  3. Sue Glidden


Puppies(Men 21-29)

2011 1st Place Puppy Winner Andy Jacobs with Flats

  1. Andy Jacob
  2. Curtis Grilli
  3. Dave White


Yuppies(Men 30-39)

2011 1st Place Yuppy Winner Mike Mei with Mike Houghton

  1. Mike Mei
  2. Thor Baum
  3. Steve Brennan


Corporate Office Types (40-49)

2011 1st Place Corporate Type Winner Pat Goode with Flats

  1. Pat Goode
  2. Jim Peterson
  3. Timothy Dow


Oldtimers ( Men 50-61)

1st Place Oldtimers Heat Winner Tim Covell with Mike Houghton

  1. Tim Covell
  2. Bill “Sully” Sullivan
  3. Tom Scadek


Social Security(Men 62+)

1st Place Social Security Winner Carl Breivogel with Mike Houghton

  1. Carl Breivogel
  2. Willie Whipout
  3. Andy


Women’s Lifeguards

1st Place Women Guards Winner Jasmine Mentz with Mike Houghton

  1. Jasmin Mentz
  2. Kristin Cevooli
  3. Dana Ayers


Men’s Lifeguards

1st Place Men Guards Winner Meesh with Mike Houghton

  1. Meesh
  2. Wolfe
  3. Tyler Grees


Old Lifeguards

1st Place Old Guard Winner Luke Nowack

  1. Luke Nowack
  2. Josh Rice
  3. Pete Pratt


Team Fat

1st Place Team Fat Winner Nick Nobili with Uncle Mike

  1. Nick Nobili
  2. Matt Rivers
  3. The Kook


Rookie of the Year

Sophia Prokop

Chicken of the Sea

2011 Chicken of the Sea Winner Chick Frodigh with Mike Houghton

Chick Frodigh


Oldtimer of the Year

2011 Oldtimer of the Year Winner John Driscoll with Mike Houghton

John Driscoll


Sparky Merrill Award  –  Best Vintage Board

Jim Papadonis and his mint G&S

2011 Sparky Merrill Winner Jim Popadonis with his classic G&S