Congratulations to the Winners of the 2007 Cape Cod Oldtimers Longboard Classic

Dana and Lee

Dana Ducktape and Lee Anderson getting in the grove.

Puppies 21-29

  1. Jeff McMannis
  2. Andy Jacob
  3. Adam DiVenere

Yuppies 30-39
Based on order of
appearance not surfing merit.

  1. Garth
  2. Brendan McCray


  1. Pat Walsh
  2. Bobby O
  3. Andy Shrake


  1. Zena Biggier
  2. Chis Morrow
  3. Maki Pomho

Ready to shred

Team Fat

(Lead by Capt. Chris Coleman)

  1. Ryan Burch
  2. Bob Bowes
  3. Chris Tomkinson

Womens Life Guards

  1. Gillion Gibrace
  2. Casey Martin and Meaghan Phair (tied)

Mens Life Guards

  1. Dave Bonanno
  2. Pete Afanasin
  3. Colby Monahan

The Old Guard

  1. Luke Nowak
  2. Dan Traub
  3. Lee Anderson

Best Board

  1. Jim Papadonis 1967 Hansen

Chicken of the Sea

  1. Tom Andurlot

Waiting for their heat